“The boy got into bed and quickly dove under the covers. He could here a rustle in the far corner of his room. He strained his eyes in the dark to try and spot the cause. He started to shake. He could hear it breathing. Quiet as he could he slipped from his bed and ran for the door. He ran to his parent’s room and jumped onto their bed. His mother wakes with a start. ‘What are you doing?” she says. ‘There’s a monster in my room.’ he whimpers. ‘Come on, let’s get you back to your room.’ She leads him out of her room as her husband sleeps on, unperturbed. She hugs him in the hall and says to him, ‘If you hear the monster again just whistle, it’ll go away.’ ‘Are you sure?’ he asks. ‘Hundred percent. Good night, love.’ she kisses his forehead and sends him to bed. He tiptoes through the darkness back to his bed. He slips under the covers and tries to go to sleep. He hears the sound of something heavy being dragged along the floor. His eyes fly wide open. His breathing picks up. His heart is pounding. He remembered what his mother said and started to whistle a tune. Something grabs his arm and a sinister voice says, ‘Thanks for whistling, kid. I couldn’t find you in the dark.’

I am a freak when it comes to monsters. I’m the person that if you tell them there’s a monster under your bed I will be on the floor trying to coax it out. Monsters are just so fascinating to me and I love to hear “true” accounts of weird and unexplainable creatures that pop up all over the world. I have so many ideas for stories and novels that are centered around all types of monsters. Here are some monsters that I really love.


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I’d have to say werewolves were my first love. I love how a person infected with Lycanthropy has no control over it. It’s wild and unpredictable, much like the wolf itself. Once transformed a werewolf can’t stop the bloodlust, they must kill. The transformation is terrible and excruciating: the tearing of the skin, the stretching of the muscles, the loss of control. It’s all so bloody and fast and horrifying, but fascinating to watch.


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Deceptively beautiful, these creatures are what nightmares are made of. At least my nightmares. Sirens are awesome because they are beautiful creatures who use their beauty and sweet song to lure men close. Once they have them where they want them they drag the men down into the water to feast on their flesh. I love sirens specifically for their misleading nature. They appeal to a man’s weakness, using it against him to ultimately destroy them completely. As far as water monsters go, to me, they are the most terrifying.


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Demons are my favorite monsters because are literally just pure evil. They are so evil that some people actually believe that they exist. They cause terrible things to happen to people, they terrorize a person until they can’t fight back anymore then when you’re at your most vulnerable they take over your body and consume your soul. Once inside you they slowly suck away your whole existence and drag your soul to hell where they will have complete dominion over you to torture you as they please for all eternity. You are forever trapped in their hold and will never find release. The process of deterioration and painful twists and contortions of the possessed human body are what makes this monster so hard to ignore.


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Witches are bad bitches. Witches are an extension of demonic power. A witch is someone who obtains magic power by sacrificing their soul to a demon, therefore both men and women can become witches. I’m speaking in the fictional sense of course. The Wiccan religion has absolutely no ties to this so don’t get it twisted. Witches are as evil as a human can get because they choose to do dealings with a demon to commit revenge or crimes against other humans. They want power and control and will give everything to have it. They have no qualms about using other people and their body parts to get what they want. Because of their powers they tend to live a lot longer than is humanly possible and as a result their body deteriorates and becomes a gruesome sight to look at. The uglier the witch, the more powerful they are.


Image result for vampires 30 days of night

I wasn’t going to do vampires but then I thought, there are so many different styles of vampires that I do have a favorite. I’m sorry if you like romantic vampires with humans falling in love with them but that’s a load of crap to me. (Sorry, not sorry.) I just love the original vampire that is only interested in one thing: our blood. I love the animalistic approach to a vampire. In the beginning vampires were to believed to originate from demons possessing dead bodies. I love that. It fits better in my mind than any other version. Lower demons who didn’t have the strength to possess living human bodies would take over corpses and they would be violent and ruthless in their bloodlust. They would rip you apart to get to your veins and throw you away like a used juice box. I’m honestly getting an idea for a vampire story while I’m writing this…

I am loving the Halloween vibe this month! I could do posts like this all year round but it makes it special when it’s just once a year. How are you feeling about October so far? Which monsters are your favorite?

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