Every October I try to watch as many scary movies as I can. I try to get my kids into it to, age appropriate of course. My three year old is starting to notice scary things. When he was younger I could watch whatever I wanted in front of him and he wouldn’t even notice. Now he gets freaked out at scary images and doesn’t like jump scares. I’ll be excited when he gets over it and wants to watch some really scary stuff with me.

I love horror films, even the corny ones. They’re just fun and I like seeing what people come up with. Fear is one of the biggest emotions we experience and I think the reason I like creepy stuff so much is because I feed off of intense emotional feelings. What I mean is I love emotions, I like feeling things. I will intentionally watch sad movies just to make myself cry. The TV show This Is Us is my favorite show to torture myself with at the moment. I just like going through intense emotions, but I do prefer when they are riled up by books, movies and television instead of actual life events. I get to feel the emotions without the lingering stress.

Another thing I love about fear is that, from a writer’s stand point, you get to explore all the different things that people are afraid of. You see that there are many ways to scare someone and the reasons behind why they would be afraid. It’s a psychological thing, another area I am highly interested in.

Anyhoo, let me just get into this list:

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So this one is more on the side for children so I watched it with my oldest. He loves this movie but he has recently become scared at the parts he knows are about to get loud. He’ll run and hide which is kind of adorable. Coraline is a great thriller for many reasons, the first being it was written by the great Neil Gaiman. The second, it’s the story of a young girl who wishes her life were better but soon realizes a better life would come with a price. The concept is creepy, and totally escapes my three year old, but it’s such a great story. If you haven’t watched it I recommend it.

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This movie is STRESSFUL. So the story is there’s this girl who is in search of the famous Philosopher’s Stone and she will literally go as far as she can to get it. Her search leads her and a crew to the catacombs under Paris and sends them on a downward spiral, literally, deep into the earth. If you get claustropobic I would not recommend you watch this one. They spend the majority of the movie in the catacombs. One scene, one of the guys gets stuck and I couldn’t handle it. Haha. If you also suffer from motion sickness from a lot of camera movement, I would avoid this one as well. I had to take breaks because all the camera movement was giving me a headache. It’s filmed in a documentary style, which is cool but for someone like me it was a bit rough. All of that aside I thought the story was really interesting, it was different from any horror movie I had seen before. There were plenty of creepy moments and a few jump scares. I give it 4/5.

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Even though this movie is considered to be a part of the horror genre I don’t feel like it was a horror movie. I mean I guess in a sense it was but it was definitely more of a psychological thriller. I was really confused while watching it. There’s a lot going on. This man and woman live alone in this huge house and one day a man comes to their door looking for a place to stay. Then his wife shows up, then their sons and then a whole bunch of other people and things get crazy real fast. It was all supposed to be from her point of view, which was cool, but the camera was up her butt the whole time, which was super annoying. After reading an article about it everything made a lot more sense. It’s actually a pretty good piece. I would recommend it.

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So this one is about a group of friends who go on a hike in the Swedish wilderness in memory of their friend Rob who had been killed six months earlier by a couple of robbers he encountered in a liquor store. Luke, one of the guys in the group, was with him when he had been killed but he was too afraid to stop the robber from killing him so he feels extremely guilty the whole movie. While on the hike, Dom hurts his knee so they are forced to take a short cut through the woods to get back to the lodge quicker. While in the forest they start to realize that something big is following them, something ancient and inhuman. It wasn’t really scary, and the story isn’t super original but it’s not bad. I give it 3/5.

All of these movies were new to me except Coraline. I’ve seen Coraline more times than I would like to admit because my child loves it so much. Next week I will be delving into some classics. I’ll tell you all about it next week!

7 Comments on “Horror Flicks From Last Week

  1. I’ve only seen Coraline on this list & it really freaked me out. I was way older than 3 when I first watched it too lol.

    I can’t stand documentary style films so I won’t see that one! Mother has been on my list but is that another documentary one? Is the camera literally up her butt the whole time?!

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