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Last night I had a really strange one. I dreamt that my husband and I had a big house on some land and we had a bunch of stuff growing on that land: peppers, berries, pumpkins, fruits in trees. Then one day my husband tells me his dad is coming to see us that weekend. (We haven’t seen his dad in about a year.) He tells me he wants to have a big party with all our friends and family in hopes that it will make his dad keep coming back around. He says, “maybe if he sees that we all are happy he’s here, he’ll come back.”

So we have the party and it’s HUGE. Bigger than anticipated. There’s kids running around and people are getting drunk. I look out the window and I see that all my plants have been bulldozed down by people’s cars because they parked all over my garden. I go to tell my husband and I am livid. He makes a face like he’s sorry. I storm off.

I come back to find my husband drunk, which he has never been in his life. I ask him where the kids are, he says he doesn’t know. I go to look for them, I find my baby in the closet with blankets piled on top of him. I go to confront my husband and he just starts crying saying, “I don’t want you to hurt.” He’s sitting on the floor with his arm around another woman and I start to pull that arm off her. He’s dead weight, I can’t move him and the woman just sits there looking at me. I have no idea who she is. She’s blonde and in 90’s style casual clothes.

I honestly have no idea where that dream came from. Dreaming about a wild and out of control party can signify that I might be feeling out of control of my social life. It could mean I’ve grown out of certain relationships or situations and want to “shut the party down” so to speak. Which is not a coincidence considering my last post. I don’t know what my husband being drunk could mean. He has never been drunk in his life, it is something he would never do. It’s very out of character for him, as is having his arm around another woman. A lot of times when you dream about a significant other cheating it could mean you’re feeling insecure or something is off in your relationship but in this case that’s not true. The only thing I can think of is I started working weekends again which means we won’t be seeing each other as much. Maybe that’s it.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my weird dream.

What do you think it means?

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