I am almost a stay at home mom. I work a few hours a day at a home improvement store so I get a bit of a break from my kids each day but most of the day I’m with them. As parents we all know that some days are better than others. Some days your kids are good and not too disruptive and they get their naps and everything goes smoothly. Some days they’re bouncing off the walls and screaming every word that comes out and whining about every little thing. On those days it can be hard to keep your cool. I have found out a few ways to keep my sanity on days that I would rather run away screaming and pulling all my hair out. All of these things can be done if you’re on a budget to!

Take them somewhere:

Places like the park or the library are great places to take your kids because they’re free and your kids can play while you sit and watch them. If it’s nice out take them to the park, if it’s not take them to the library. If you have a little cash to spend, places like MacDonald’s or Chick Fil A are great to because you can grab a bite and they can play in the play place. You could also Google free stuff to do with kids in your area.

If you don’t have any of those places available in your area then just strapping them in their car seats and driving around for a bit can help to. Just having them in a place where they can’t run around for 30 minutes can do you a lot of good. They might even fall asleep and you can just park the car and play on your phone for a bit or read a book while they snooze.

You can also go for a walk around the neighborhood. Put them in their stroller and check out the sights. If they can walk, let them. Just give them a hand to hold.

Implement quiet time:

If your toddler is at the point where they don’t take naps anymore but you need a break then put them in their room for 45 minutes to an hour for quiet time. Turn their light off and have them lay in their bed. If they’re still awake after time is up then let them out. If they fall asleep then great! Making them have quiet time is good for both of you. You get some peace and quiet and they have some time to wind down before the afternoon second wind kicks in. Even toddlers need some time to have to themselves.

Put on a movie:

I know there are a lot of different opinions on screen time and how much toddlers should have but I think one movie a day won’t hurt. A movie is just long enough for you to get some laundry folded or dishes done or just read a book if you want. I sometimes will just lay on the couch with the toddler as he watches his movie and I doze off for a little bit. I’m lucky that he stays still and watches the movie. I know not all kids are that easy.

These are just a few tips that I have learned over the years. Parenting can be challenging at times but they’re only little for so long. Try to take the bad times with the good, be thankful you get to be with them as they grow and learn from the world around them. This difficult time is only temporary and one day you’ll think back to when all they wanted to do is follow you around and do everything you did. They’ll grow more independent and not need you as much. You will miss them.

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