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I’m going to talk about the scariest dream I’ve ever had. Well at least the scariest I can remember. I had this dream fairly recently, within the last year anyway. I think. I don’t quite remember when I had it. I didn’t write it down but I remember every detail of it. Let me just tell you:

“I had a dream that I was working at a department store. We were closing up for the night and I was behind the jewelry counter putting the jewelry in the cabinets to be locked away. Just then a group of masked men broke in and threatened us with guns. They were going to rob us. He made me and another woman get all the jewelry out then had us go back to the store room to get the rest. They escorted us to the back with guns at our backs. We walked with our hands in the air. We got to the back and it was dark. They had the other woman get the stuff off the high shelf and made me get the stuff out of the lower cabinets. As I knelt down into the cabinet I “felt” the barrel of the gun being pressed to the back of my head. He pulled the trigger. I saw a flash of light and then the feeling of falling. That’s when I woke up.”

It felt so real I honestly thought I had just died. When I woke up I couldn’t believe I was laying in my bed and that it had all just been a dream. It was crazy. It made me wonder, “Is that what happens when you die? Do you see a flash of light? Was my body falling or my soul? Was I going to Hell?”

Dreaming of death can apparently mean many different things. It could mean the start of a new endeavor, it could mean you want to escape from your current lifestyle or a stressor in your life. It could mean you are constantly self sacrificing, or that a part of you has died. It could also mean that you need a wake up call. Unfortunately I can’t remember when I had this dream so I can’t say for sure what was going on in my life at the time to know which of these meanings it could be. I want to say it was the wake up call. To get my life figured out. Right now my life is my kids, they need me the most. But one of these days they will be grown and will depend on themselves and not need me as much. I need to figure out what I want to do with my life after they are grown and gone.

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve always loved English and writing and all that stuff. I always want to be writing something. I have many ideas for novels and short stories and the like but I would also like to write some more meaningful things. I want to reach people, get them thinking and possibly teach them something they didn’t know. I want to inform and inspire.

I also love psychology. I love learning how the human mind works. I think it’s just so fascinating. More specifically I think I would want to study criminal psychology. I want to figure out what makes a person do terrible things. I want to learn ways to prevent crime from happening. I want to learn how to help those who struggle with demons that they feel they have no control over.

I guess ultimately I could just do both. If I’m being honest with myself I’m just being lazy. I need to just get in there and do it. I need to stop making excuses and just get it done.

I’d love to hear about dreams any of you have!

4 Comments on “Dream series part 4

  1. Wo-hoaaa! Great post as always, Cadie 🙂
    I particularly liked how you ended it with reflections. Criminal psychology is probably the coolest thing I’ve heard of! I have a friend who is studying psychology at the moment and wants to pursue criminal psychology for PG.
    Thanks for keeping up with the Dream Series!

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  2. You have a lot of interests, I am sure you’ll have tonnes to do after your kids grow up.
    I have had scary dreams too, a couple of them when I woke up all sweaty and took a few seconds to realise it was a dream, but most of them are a mish-mash of so many things that I cant recall clearly. However, one that I remember is a recent one when I saw a curly haired scary looking man standing outside my bedroom. I was shocked to find him there and kept asking how did he get in as the doors are closed and who he was, and all he did was just laugh. It felt so real, that I woke up with a shudder, to scared to even look towards my bedroom door

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