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Here we go!

To the End of the World

Boston, Massachusetts 1879
Arman knew this was the end. There was nothing left for him to live for. If he didn’t take it now he would be a waste. The opportunity lay before him in the splendor that was Miss Annabel. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She was huge, magnificent. She would take him places he could only dream of.

His hunger and his lust for what he knew lay beyond the world he was already acquainted with is what drove him to do it. She sat there waiting, ripe for the picking. No one seemed to be around that she could belong to. In a way she had been abandoned. Who would leave such a gem all alone? He crept closer and looked around. Just as he was about to walk up to touch her, an older man came up behind him.

“She’s a beauty ain’t she?” he smiled a knowing smile.

“Oh yes. Is she yours?”

“As a matter of fact she is. I’ve had her a long time, she’s been real good to me. Never gave me any trouble.” The older man looked at her admiringly, his blue eyes glistening.

“I’ve always dreamed of having one just like her but I could never afford it.” Arman looked up at her, longing to stroke her worn but sturdy front.

“What if I told you I was looking to sell?” The old man asked.

“What are you asking for her?” His heart began to race and he couldn’t stop himself from imagining all the nights he would spend with her under the stars, how he would take care of her, how she would be the key to his survival.

“I’ll let you take it for five thousand dollars.”

“Five thousand?!” Arman said incredulously.

“My good sir think of it as an investment. After all, she’ll outlast you by many years. She’s a sturdy one, she is. You won’t find another vessel as strong as she.” The old man wagged his eyebrows at him.

“I don’t have that kind of money.” He said grudgingly.

“What a shame.” The old man replied. “Looks like she’ll end up belonging to someone else.” The old man turned and walked away. He stood there watching him go. He would own this ship if it was he last thing he’s ever do. She was his means of escape, his way to a new world.

The plan was easy enough. He just needed a crew. He knew a few men who owed him a favor, he would just ask them all at once. He was going to steal Annabel. The crew met a few nights after his encounter with the old man. The night was clear but a storm was blooming on the horizon. They didn’t have much time. The six of them climbed on deck. Three of the men started  pulling up anchor while another released the sails.

The wind picked up in their favor. Arman cut the ropes keeping her tethered to the pier, he was finally getting his freedom.

“Stop right there!” a voice yelled into the night. Arman looked into the darkness trying to spot the owner of the voice. Then there was a flash of light. Pain exploded in Arman’s shoulder. He grabbed it as blood came gushing forth.

“Let’s get out of here!” he yelled to his men and they all went bellow deck and grabbed an oar. They pushed and pulled their way out into the sea, escaping their capture. Once out of danger Arman and his men crawled back up on deck to see their progress. Arman breathed in the salty, sea air and felt the wind on his face. This was the feeling of victory. Finally in his life he knew what it felt like to be the victor. He had something that belonged to him.

“Now what?” Arman looked at his crew. The one who spoke up stood in front of the rest, he had a look of defiance. Arman knew he had to come up with an idea quick, they were all stuck on this ship together now. It wouldn’t take much for them to turn on him.

“Gentlemen we’re about to embark on the biggest quest of our lives. There is an object of great value just beyond the horizon. If you’ll follow my lead we will find it and none of you will ever have to beg, gamble or steal again.” Arman didn’t know what object he was talking about but he figured sooner or later he could figure out how to get rid of these men and get away with his beautiful Annabel.

Lucky for him these men weren’t the brightest, but they lit up at the thought of great wealth. “Lead the way then.” the leader of the crew smiled. Just then a flash of lightning lit up the night sky, followed by a rumble of thunder. Arman looked up at a sky full of gray and roiling clouds. This was not going to go well.

“Our first mission, survive the night.”

To be continued…

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