Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

Last night I had an interesting dream. It was actually one worth sharing. Lately I haven’t been sleeping well and have only been having snippets of dreams, but this one was a full fledged dream. Here goes:

“In the dream I was going to a new diving pool that opened up in my neighborhood. When I got there I was dressed in a bathing suit that looked like it was from the 60’s and I had a swimming cap on my head. I saw my friend Marilyn and her boyfriend Denis there. Marilyn was doing these amazing, Olympic type dives off the diving board. I tried a few times but got exhausted quickly. I went to dry off on a chair when I dosed off. When I woke up it was dark and they were trying to close the pool. I got my stuff and started walking to my car. I had to park really far away because it had been busy. I had to walk like five blocks in the dark. The city around me was not one I recognized but I guess in my dream it was the right place. Right as I got to my car I was stopped by a tall, skinny blonde guy. He was young and he was trying to steal my stuff. I told him I didn’t have that much so would he please just leave me alone. He told me to unlock my car so he could look through it and take what he wanted. My car was full of a bunch of junk and he started going through it. I asked him why he wanted to steal from me and he said because his parents left him to fend for himself and that no one cared about him. I offered to give him my number so he could call me and talk to me when he needed someone to talk to. He stopped trying to rob me and took my number. He left me alone.”

Here the dream ends. I’m not sure why I would dream about going to a diving pool and falling asleep while there. I think I dreamt about a young man trying to steal from me then stopping when I showed him kindness has to do with all the episodes of Serial Killers I’ve been listening to on my podcast app. The majority of serial killers become killers because they were abused as children. Maybe this dream is a way to raise awareness about the power of kindness. Be kind to one another, it could save your life.

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