So as you can probably tell by now I love to write. I write pretty much every day. I do take breaks occasionally, but for the most part I’m always writing something. I can’t write as much as I would like to but at least I get a little bit of time each day to do it. When I’m not writing though I’m still pretty busy. Here are the top 10 things I do when I’m not writing.

1. I take care of my kids.

Obviously this is the number one thing I do no matter what else I might do in a day. My kids are still little and take a lot of my attention. I love it though. Taking care of kids is like having two full time jobs because it’s a day and night kind of job. There are rarely any breaks and they keep you on your toes every second of every day. It’s not easy, but they are so sweet and amazing that it’s all worth it. My oldest loves to play cars or robots and my youngest just likes to crawl around and get into things. I can’t wait until they’re old enough to appreciate going to the science museum or going on trips. I can’t wait to show them all the movies I watched as a kid and the books I read. They’re going to be so much fun.

2. I read.

When and if I do get a break from watching my kids, I love to read. Most of the time I read at night after they’ve gone to bed, it’s just easier. I’m currently reading a book called Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. I just started it but so far it is really interesting. Before I had kids I could read 5 different books at a time but now I can only read one or two. Having kids just does something to your brain, you can’t concentrate or retain as much information as you used to. I do believe that reading has helped though, so I think everyone should read something every day. (Like my blog posts) 😉

3. I work.

I do have a job. I work for Lowe’s Home Improvement, I unload freight in the evenings. It’s a sweaty, strenuous job but I like it. I don’t have to talk to customers, (I can get pretty awkward around strangers) I get a good work out, and I have the weekends off. It’s nice. I plan to stay there for a while because the schedule works for me and my family. It’s not my dream job but it’ll do for now.

4. I watch shows on Netflix or YouTube.

Image result for supernatural gif

So I have a few shows that I’m trying to get caught up on. It’s harder for me to watch TV than it is to read for some reason. I get distracted pretty easily. I watched a documentary on Netflix recently called Evil Genius, I thought it was really good. I’m trying to get caught up on Grace and Frankie, Supernatural, The 100, Black Mirror and Once Upon a Time. I started The Fall, it’s pretty good. I want to start Dexter, The Rain, The Staircase, The Originals, Dark, Honorable Woman and Penny Dreadful. There’s also a couple movies I want to check out: Carol, Lion and The Ritual. I just feel like there’s not enough time to get hooked on TV shows nowadays. I’m also very into Game of Thrones on HBO, and I want to start a show on Hulu called Castle Rock. I like to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube. Some of my favorite YouTubers are KathleenLights, Nicole Guerriero, Manny MUA, Atleeeey, and Jaclyn Hill. I also like to watch JessiSmiles, Colleen Ballinger and the REACT channel.

Image result for manny mua Image result for nicole guerriero Image result for atleeeey

5. I listen to podcasts.

130743 1200x630bb

I mostly listen to these in the car or while I’m at work. I just put my headphones on at work and listen. Lately I’ve been listening to a podcast called Serial Killers and also Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. Both are really good. One feeds my fascination of crazy people and the other helps me overcome fears and anxieties and uplifts my self worth. It’s all about balance. I highly recommend both though.

6. I spend time with friends and family.

Whenever I get the chance I spend some time with my friends and family. I’m usually always with my sons unless I’m at work so it’s nice to spend time with people in my life who I can actually have a conversation with. I mean I can have a conversation with my children but it’s mostly one sided.

7. Chores.

No life is complete without daily work around the house. They aren’t lying when they say kids are expensive, they’re just expensive in ways you didn’t expect. I do so much more laundry and dishes now I’m surprised our water bill isn’t $100. The amount of trash I pick up in a day and take out all the time is astounding. Toys are literally everywhere. I can’t believe how quickly my house gets dirty right after I clean it. One of these days I’ll make these boys earn their keep by cleaning up after themselves.

8. I love to play with makeup.


I. Love. Makeup. I love trying new looks or techniques. I love trying new colors and seeing how well they play together. I just love how fun it is.

9. I make things. 

I am a natural born scrapbooker. My mom got me into it at a very young age and I just love doing it. For our first anniversary my husband and I decided to give each other traditional gifts which were made of paper. I made him a squash book which is a miniature version of a scrapbook. I also like to make jewelry, at least I like to attempt it. I pretty much just get on Pinterest and look for crafts or jewelry I like and figure out how to make it. I’d rather spend time on something than money, since I have more time than money these days.

10. I peruse social media.

Just like everyone else I check my social medias pretty often. I wish I didn’t have to use it so much but it’s the only way to really market myself. I feel like it’s okay to see what everyone’s up to and keep in touch but I do feel like sometimes it can be too much. I know I’ve caught myself comparing my life to others on social media and that’s when I know I need a break. I have an Instagram account for my blog if you want to follow it. It’s cadies_corner. There isn’t much on it right now, but once I get a camera I’ll be able to make it better.

So there you have it! It’s not the most exciting life but I can’t complain. I’m super excited for the future and the changes that come with it. How do you spend your days?

10 Comments on “What I Do When I’m Not Writing

  1. Definitely post your own made stuff!
    I always like seeing what people come up with and I think it’s way to gain a good amount of followers!

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  2. You have done a great job. I have read your “being a parent can suck” and “what you do when not writing.” So far I am very impressed and also intrigued on many things that I have never thought about…It is me Jimmy from work… The “tool” guy.

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  3. A lot of what you do sounds like me! If I’m not writing, I’m reading. If I’m not reading, I’m playing with my kids. If I’m not playing with my kids, I’m taking care of their endless needs and loving every minute of it. (They are my world.) If I’m not with my kids, I’m attempting to revive my career, rebuild my life, and find a balance with everything. I’m not huge on makeup – maybe because I’m not so skilled at it! – but I love giving myself a manicure. 🙂

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  4. Absolutely love this because it gives the reader a chance to get to know the person behind the scenes in a different light so to speak. I feel you I love to write that is like a high for me and I love to listen to books and as my friends and people that know me they always say I’m doing the most and that’s what I do.

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