Good morning all! I still don’t have a fresh dream to share so I’m dipping into an old one today. This one is dated February 19, 2013. At this point in my life my husband and I were engaged and had been living in our house for about six months. This was the house that was haunted, check out this post for details on that situation:

So here goes:

“Last night I dreamt that my brother and I went to visit our parents. For some reason every time I dream about my parents they are still married. So while we were visiting them, my dad said he had a bee problem in his shed. This was because he had a bee farm attached to his shed. My brother and I said we would get rid of the bees. We splashed their own honey on them and caramelized them into a giant, gooey ball. We tore off a piece and froze it. When we were done we went to tell our parents. They had taken our sisters to the community center without us. I was very upset by this, so I called my mom and yelled at her.”

I’m thinking this dream had something to do with the way my parents treat me sometimes, more so my dad. They have always expected us to do stuff for them and don’t ever return the favor. I think this was about the time it started with my dad. Anyway, I hope you got a giggle out of this dream anyway. Happy Tuesday!

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