I talked about doing a dream series in my last post and a few people seemed pretty excited about it so I thought I’d start early. I’m going to try to post a dream once a week, depending on if my brain will cooperate. Today I’m going to talk about an old dream I had. The date in my journal says July 3, 2013. I thought it was pretty funny. Here goes:

“Last night I dreamt that Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were locked inside a fortified mansion to keep them safe while other people fought off Voldemort. The protective mansion wan’t enough. There were creatures attacking the mansion, a dragon being one of them. The dragon somehow gets in and Ron and Hermione run into a bedroom to get away from it only to make it into a closet right before the dragon shoots fire out of its mouth. Then all of a sudden the lost boys from Peter Pan show up. In the dream I’m Wendy and I try to keep everyone safe. Then a tornado starts heading our way. All of the lost boys except one run to hide in the cellar. Harry, Hermione and Ron go with them. I grab the little boy and take cover in a closet. While we’re in there the little boy grabs my shirt trying to look down it saying, ‘Let me see!’. Then the tornado passes and I rush out of the closet. I can hear someone calling my name (Wendy) from upstairs. I think they are in trouble so I run upstairs to see what is the matter. It turns out to be some man laying on a bed getting a blow job by a prostitute named Wendy. They were both shocked to see me.”

I don’t know why I have such weird dreams. It could be because I read a lot. Whatever the reason I don’t mind it. I have had some pretty scary dreams but that’s for another post. I can’t really think of what this dream might mean except that maybe I was feeling a little out of control at the time and my life seemed to be in chaos mode. At that point it had been almost a month after I got married so maybe it was some residual stress from wedding planning. What do you think? Am I just a weirdo?

5 Comments on “Dream Series: Part 1

  1. What a dream. Getting shades of The Shining in this dream as well. Something tells me the Mansion was actually The Stanley Motel?

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