If you’re like me you can find inspiration pretty much anywhere, but for some of us it can be tough. I thought I would share some ways that I find inspiration without even picking up my phone or laptop.

1. Read a book.


This one is pretty simple. Sometimes just by reading other people’s work we can pull inspiration and creativity from some of their ideas. If you know what kind of book you want to write, read a bunch of books in that genre. It will help you see how that kind of book is usually constructed and also what themes seem to work and which don’t. Sometimes it just takes a single sentence to resonate with you and create a whole sequence of events. Sometimes you come across ideas you never thought were possible. Think of reading as your way of studying to become a better writer.

2. Go Outside.


Nature is a huge source of inspiration for a lot of different creators. We all have an innate drive to be outside and one with nature. Just going for a walk or sitting in your backyard and listening to your neighborhood can bring you inspiration. Doing outdoor activities like hiking, fishing or swimming can even bring interesting ideas to your mind. When we spend time outside our minds are clearer and more apt to wander or explore. I remember coming up with my best ideas for games when I was a kid when I would play outside. The same can work for any kind of artistic outlet.

3. Hang out with friends.


I don’t know about you but I have some pretty interesting friends. Talking to them gives me all kinds of ideas. They all come from different walks of life and have different perspectives so I get to see things from many different angles. Sometimes just talking to them about things that bother me or intrigue me helps me realize some things of my own and I get ideas that way. They also have stories of their own to share and things that they have learned in their lives that could also give me inspiration for a new project. Just make sure to always ask for permission from them if you ever want to use one of their life experiences in any of your writing.

4. Go on a trip.


It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip or elaborately thought out. Just take some time to get away from your surroundings, if only for a day, to gain a new perspective. See how a town only two hours away runs, what makes it different from yours? Get lost in the town and learn the street names, where did they get their names? Talk to some of the locals, where is their favorite hang out? There is so much to learn when you step out of a place that you’re already familiar with and delve into a strange place. Who knows what kind of stories and ideas you’ll encounter.

5. Volunteer


This one will call for a little more work but volunteering is a great way to find inspiration. When you volunteer you meet all kids of different people. Remember, new people means new perspectives. Working with people who are different ages increases that as well. Elderly people have lived long lives and have a lot of stories to tell. You never know what you can make of it. Volunteering also make you feel good, so it’s beneficial in lots of ways.

Those are just a few suggestions. If you have any I would love to hear them! I hope this post helped you find ways to get some inspiration.

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