Part One

It was all Erin’s Idea.

“How funny would it be if we snuck over there and just played a little prank on Dave and his friends?” Dave just happened to be the flavor of the week for Erin and he and his friends currently attended Pasadena Prep just a mile down the road from us.

“Well it wouldn’t be funny if we got expelled, which is exactly what would happen if we got caught.” I wasn’t too keen on the idea. I was never one to do anything even slightly outside of the rules. When you lived in an all girls Catholic boarding school you knew there was zero tolerance for bad behavior. My aunt, who was my last living relative, spent a lot of money on my education and I would be the worst niece ever if I did anything to disappoint her, getting expelled from said expensive school tops the list.

“We won’t get caught, it’ll just be a harmless little prank. Even they’ll think it’s funny and we’ll all have a good laugh. What do you think, Deirdre?” Erin looked over at our third companion. Deirdre was busy reading a book.

“Sounds like fun. What do you have in mind?”

“Nothing!” I said. “Please don’t encourage her, Dierdre.” I was about to smack them both.

“Oh calm down, Hazel. You’re such an old lady, I swear. Anyway, this is what I’m thinking: We wait ‘til tonight, then sneak into their dorm. Dave showed me a secret way to get in, he says it’s how they sneak out past curfew. We sneak in there and, I don’t know, just put their hands in warm water or something.” Erin looked at us for help.

“You are an evil genius.” Deirdre deadpanned. “I’m not helping you make those guys wet their beds.”

“Well what do you think we should do?” Erin was getting annoyed at our lack of enthusiasm.

“What if we drew penises on their faces with permanent marker?” Deirdre suggested.

“Oh that would be funny.” I said, “They’re having family day tomorrow, everyone’s families will be there!”

“Perfect!” Erin cheered. “Ok so after lights out let’s all meet downstairs. We’ll go out through Dierdre’s window since you’re on the first floor.”

“Cool with me.” Deirdre said.

“I’m not going with you guys, I don’t want any chance of getting in trouble.” I crossed my arms in indignation.

“You should have seen how excited you looked when we came up with the plan.” Erin said.

“You mean when I came up with it.” Deirdre corrected.

“Whatever. I promise we won’t get caught. And if they happen to see us I will take full responsibility. Please? Have some fun, Granny!” I looked at Erin’s pleading face. “Come on, I’ll do your cleaning duties for a week.”

“Alright fine.” I conceded.

“Yus! Alright, I’ll see you girls later tonight. I gotta go practice drawing penises.” Erin waved and hurried out the door.

“It’s not like they’re that hard to draw.” I said.

“You know Erin, she can’t even draw stick people.” Deirdre had gone back to her book.

“Well I guess I’ll go finish my homework and get ready for tonight.” I said as I stood up to leave.

“What is there to prepare for? It’s not like we’re robbing a bank.” Deirdre looked at me like I was being ridiculous.

“Well this is my first offense, I wanna make sure I’m mentally prepared.”

“Well good luck with that”

I closed the door behind me. Walking to my room I did admit to myself that I was pretty excited about the prank. Little did I know it was going to be one of the worst nights of my life.

After the sisters sent everyone to bed and I was sure they had all gone to bed to, I got out of my bed and changed out of my pajamas into jeans and a t-shirt. I put on my tennis shoes and quietly snuck out my door into the dark hallway. The place was silent. I had only ever been in the other parts of the dorm building at night one other time. That was because my appendix had ruptured and I had to find Sister Elaine to take me to the hospital. I successfully made it down the stairs and over to Deirdre’s room when someone grabbed me by my arm and I almost screamed out.

“Shhhh! It’s just me!” Erin whisper yelled.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” I whisper yelled back. We quietly knocked on the door. It slowly opened and Deirdre peeked out. “What’s the password?” she whispered.

“Let us in.” Erin said.

“Sorry, that’s not it.”

“Come on, Deirdre we’re sitting ducks out here. Quit dicking around.” I said.

“Nice choice of words, considering what our mission is tonight.” Deirdre said approvingly as she opened the door wider for us to enter.

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s go!” Erin was already pulling the window open. I followed her out with Deirdre right behind me. The night was mild without a breeze. We made our walk with little difficulty.

“It’s nice out here.” I commented. “We should go on nighttime walks more often.”

“Says the future nun.” Erin said with a grin.

“Ha ha.” I retorted. We walked in silence the rest of the way.

When we came upon the boys’ prep school we stopped and the thing we were about to do really started to sink in. “Do we still want to do this?” I asked.

“Yes.” is all Erin said and she led the way. We followed her to the back of the building where there were four small basement windows sitting on the ground. She went to the second from the left and easily pried it open. “We’re in ladies.” She turned and smiled at us. She climbed in first, followed by Deirdre and then me. Once inside we stood there for a minute to let our eyes adjust to the darkness. “Let’s go.” Erin whispered to my right.

We found the stairs that led to the main floor and headed up. According to Erin, Dave’s dorm was on the third floor. He shared a room with his friend Jake. His other friends, the ones we were targeting that night, all conveniently had the rooms just next door and across the hall. We got to the third floor and found their rooms.

“Ok you two stand watch while I go in and draw.” Erin instructed. So we did. It only took her a few minutes then she came out snickering. “Ok who wants to go next?”

“I will.” Deirdre volunteered. She took the marker and made her way to the dorm next door and slipped inside. Erin and I waited silently outside. Once Deirdre was finished she came out and handed the marker to me. “It’s all you, Hazel. Go give Brent and Warren their face tats and let’s get out of here.” I took the marker. My hands started to sweat. I went across the hall and slowly opened the dorm door.

As I slipped inside I could hear Erin and Deirdre snickering to each other. I walked over to Brent first and shakily drew my first penis. After the third one I thought that was enough so I made my way over to Warren. I had just finished the first one when I heard Brent start to stir. I froze and watched him. Suddenly, Erin poked her head in and said urgently, “Someone’s coming. Come on!” and then she was gone. The sound of her voice woke Brent completely. He saw me immediately.

“Warren!” Brent yelled. Warren jerked awake and looked right up at me, startled at first then angry when he saw the marker in my hand.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Warren yelled at me.

“Grab her!” Brent exclaimed. Warren did as he was told. I was frozen to the spot, I couldn’t have gotten away if I wanted to. Warren had me pinned to the wall as Brent went to look in the mirror to check if I had gotten him to. He would not be disappointed, well maybe, depending on how you looked at it. He swung around with an angry expression on his face. “You little bitch! Why the fuck would you do this?” he started trying to rub the ink off his face.

“It was just a prank,” I whimpered. “It was Erin’s Idea!”

“Erin who? Are you talking about that scrawny girl who’s been following Dave around lately?” Warren asked me. “You might want to go check and see if she got them to.” Brent left the room.

“I’m sorry. It was just a harmless prank.” Tears started to well up in my eyes. At that moment Brent had come back with Dave and Jake right behind him.

“Well now we’re going to ‘prank’ you.” Warren said. “What should we do to her, guys?”

“I’d say strip her down and make her run up and down the hallway screaming so everybody gets a look.” Jake said maliciously.

“Sounds good to me,” Warren said and he started pulling off jeans. I tried to pull away but he was too strong. Brent and Jake came over to hold me down while Warren pulled the rest of my clothes off. They let me go. I laid there completely naked, trying to cover myself with my arms and had, tears streaming down my face.

“Nice.” Jake said approvingly, then to me, “Get up.” I couldn’t move. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I couldn’t stop crying. “I said get up!” Jake grabbed my arm and pulled me up. I couldn’t stand, my legs wouldn’t hold my weight. I just sat with my legs folded under me, my face in my hands.

“We should just let her go, I think she’s suffered enough.” Dave looked embarrassed for me but he also wouldn’t look away. “I’m going back to bed.” Then he left. Jake kept his eyes on me.

“Before you go, and since you’re on your knees, why don’t you suck my dick. Since you seem to like them so much.” Brent and Warren just chuckled.

“Please,” I sobbed, “Please just let me go. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to do this. Just let me go.”

“After you suck my dick.” Jake responded. I looked up at him to see if he was being serious. He was. His hands went to his pajama pants drawstring and he started to untie them. Brent started laughing.

“Dude,” Warren said, “Seriously?”

“Why don’t you chill out?” Jake said with a look at Warren. Warren shrugged and plopped down on his bed looking away but also snatching glances at me. Brent had grabbed his phone. Jake got closer to me as he pulled down his pants, his hard penis staring me straight in the face. “Suck it.” he demanded. I pulled away but he grabbed the back of my head and pulled it towards him. Just as my face was about to be smashed into his boner the door opened and an older man walked in. Everyone froze.

“What is going on in here?” The older man ask. He took in the scene in front of him. Warren intently watching as Jake stood in front of a naked, weeping girl with his dick in her face, Brent with his phone out recording it all. “Jake Samuels, what are you doing?” Jake quickly pulled his pants up and moved away from me.

“Nothing she didn’t ask for, Mr. Aldridge.” Jake stared at his headmaster unabashed. Mr. Aldridge looked at me and grabbed a blanket off one of the beds and wrapped me in it. I stood and he led me out of the room. He turned just before closing the door, “I’ll deal with you idiots later.”

It was 2:00 in the morning and I’m sitting in the headmaster’s office as he tries to calm me down and ask me what happened. I told him about the prank and everything that went wrong. He listened intently, not saying anything until I was finished. Once I was finished he continued to study me closely.

“Am I correct in thinking that you attend St. Margaret’s?” he asked quietly.

“Yes I do.”

“That’s a very fine school. Not an easy one to get into. It would be a shame if your instructors found out that you snuck out after dark to enter a boy’s preparatory school.” I must have had a shocked look on my face because he continued with this: “I know that it would be enough to expel you, however, I am willing to keep your presence here a secret if you agree to never say a word about what happened to you here tonight.” He gave me a look that said, ‘do I make myself clear?’ I knew exactly what he meant.

“So you’re not going to do anything about how those monsters treated me?” I asked incredulously.

“Let’s not get hysterical. All I saw was a young girl in a boy’s dormitory with her clothes off about to commit a sexual act for that boy.”

“They pulled my clothes off of me! He was going to force his dick into my mouth!”

“Language, Miss Edwards.” he reprimanded. “Now either way, it doesn’t sound good for either of your reputations so I suggest you keep it to yourself. Now you should head back to your school before it’s too late. Goodnight Miss Edwards.” He gave me a look that said I was dismissed. I was shaking I was so angry. I got up and left. I walked the mile long stretch back to St. Margaret’s and was able to sneak back in through a kitchen window. I went straight to my room and fell on my bed without bothering to take my shoes off. I wept until the sun came up.


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